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Державний політехнічний музей

Welcome to State Polytechnic Museum!

Polytechnic Museum at Ukrainian National Technical University "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" (NTUU KPI) is one of the biggest Ukrainian museums of technology and the biggest university museum in Ukraine.

Apart from the history of the University, expositions cover a wide range of technologies and engineering: radio, television, computing, electronics, mining and environmental engineering, machinery and instruments, railway, firearms and military communication, aviation and space exploration.

The Museum is located in the authentic industrial building surrounded by historic place of the Emperor Alexander Polytechnic Institute. It is associated with names of Igor Sikorsky, Dmitry Mendeleev, Eugene Paton and historical events of World War I and II, Soviet space and computer science.

Seeing our collection, which includes early Soviet computers "MIR-1" and "Promin", authentic "Vostok-4" spacecraft and year 1917 radio receiver unit is undoubtedly a highlight of a busy day out during your stay in Kiev.

What to see:

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Polytechnic Museum