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Державний політехнічний музей

What to be aware of:

What to see:


Aviation and space exploration museums

Boguslaev's Technology museum

Zhitomyr museum of cosmonautics

Poltava museum of Strategic Air Forces

Poltava museum of cosmonautics

National museum of aviation in Kiev

Museum of observatory in Kiev

Kiev Planetarium

Main Astronomical Observatory Museum

Rocket Park in Dnepropetrovsk

Railway museums

Museum of Lviv railway history

Museum of Donetsk railway history

Museum of South-west railway

Museum of South railway history in Kharkiv

Industrial and military sites

Soviet ICBM museum

"The Rock" underground military facility in Korosten

825GTS underground facility (Museum of Ukrainian Navy) in Balaklava

Food industry museums

Brewery museum in Lviv

Maritime museums

Shipbuilding and navy museum in Nikolayev

Kharkiv naval museum

Museum of Ukrainian Navy in Odessa

Museum of Odessa Sea Port

Photography and cinema museums

Odessa museum of cinematograph

Museum of photography in Donetsk

Water, sewer and environment museums

Kiev Water Informatuion Center (Museum of water)

Sewer museum in Kiev

Toilet history museum in Kiev

Recycling museum in Kiev

Industrial and mining museum

Donetsk metal plant history museum

Museums of instruments

Metrology and measuring museum in Lviv

Instruments museum in Kharkiv

Transportation museums

Kiev subway museum

KHADI High-speed cars laboratory museum, Kharkov

Medic and health care museums

National museum of health care in Kiev

Pharmacy museum in Lviv

Pharmacy museum in Kiev

Museums of governmental special services

Post museum, Lviv

Internal affairs service museum, Kiev

National security service museum, Kiev

Fire service museum, Kiev

Military history museums

World War II museum, Kiev

Ukrainian Army and military technology museum, Lutsk

Weapons and armor museum "Arsenal", Lviv

World War II museum, Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy

Kiev Fortress

Poltava museum of communication troops

Odessa Defence memorial

Odessa museum of military history

Other museums

National museum "Chernobyl" in Kiev

Donetsk museum of communication

Odessa museum of numismatics

"Ukrainian Technoland" in Yenakiyevo (planned)


Museum with limited access or special admission procedures: booking required, opened by request only, official groups only, etc. Please check conditions directly with corresponding museum administration before planning your travel.

Polytechnic Museum