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Державний політехнічний музей

Below you can see the main topics and exhibits displayed at Polytechnic Museum.

At the University campus there are many other attractions and displays may catch your eye.
Artifacts and memorabilia collection reveals more than centennial history of Kiev Polytechnic Institute.
World famous helicopter engineer and inventor Igor Sikorsky used to study and performed his first experiments in Kiev Polytechnic Institute.
Series of computers were built in Kiev under guidance of Victor Glushkov, Ukrainian Cybernetics and information technology pioneer.
Vacuum tubes, semiconductor elements, integrated circuits and electronic boards are presented as part of different expositions.
Phones, switchboards and Soviet 'fax' machine are presented here.
One of the first soviet radio receiving sets labeled serial number 1 is in museum collection.
Collection of television and filming equipment, including first Soviet mass production TV set, color TV projector, and whole operational TV studio.
Collection of military wired and wireless mid-XX century communication equipment.
Aircraft engines, cockpit panels, Sikorsky helicopters and aircraft models collection in Aviation and Space Exploration department.
Authentic "Vostok-4" spacecraft, original control panels from Baikonur launch site, ground and flight telemetry recording equipment, parts of space equipment, space tools, "Sputnik" replicas.
Steam engine, railroad tools and artifacts.
Naval vessels models, navigation instruments.
Collection of Soviet and European photo cameras, portable and stationery, consumer and specialized.
Consumer sound recording and radio electronics.
Collection of firearms.
Industry purpose machines, lathes, welding equipment, plants and production line models.

Polytechnic Museum